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Principles of Church Life is written by Bill Scheidler, a pastor and elder at City Bible Church in Portland, Oregon. The book aims to provide the church membership with a solid foundation necessary for the maturing and growth of the people. Its goal is to bring new church members into a place of knowledge and understanding so they can, in faith, begin to contribute their part to the overall purposes of God.

With 25 lessons of clear, detailed and topical teachings, Principles Of Church Life walks the believer through the importance of Church life and lays out God's dynamic plan for the Church and His desire for the committed active involvement of every member. This book is a must for any church leader who wants to encourage the local church to a higher level of commitment and healthy Christian living.

         Chapter 00     Principles Of Church Life Intro
         Chapter 01     Why Study Doctrine
         Chapter 02     Repent From Our Dead Works
         Chapter 03     Faith Toward God
         Chapter 04     Water Baptism
         Chapter 05     The Holy Spirit Baptism
         Chapter 06     Christian Discipleship
         Chapter 07     Fellowship
         Chapter 08     Communion
         Chapter 09     Prayer & Fasting
         Chapter 10     Christian Stewardship
         Chapter 11     Stewardship & Finances
         Chapter 12     Divine Healing
         Chapter 13     Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
         Chapter 14     Worship & Praise
         Chapter 15     Evangelism
         Chapter 16     The Believer & Government
         Chapter 17     The Home
         Chapter 18     The Church
         Chapter 19     Restoration Of The Church
         Chapter 20     Church Government
         Chapter 21     Laying On Of Hands
         Chapter 22     Church Discipline
         Chapter 23     Local Church Government
         Chapter 24     Church Membership
         Chapter 25     The Body Of Christ